Love and Joy Creative Studio is a textile studio created by Karrie Metcalf to inspire people through colour and creativity. Karrie's textile banners are created in her studio by hand cutting letters in well loved fonts from wool felt to bring typography textile wall art to life. Each letter is then hand embroidered with lots of tiny stitches. Each piece is as unique and different as the person it is made for.

A year ago Karrie added creative craft kits for children. Lovely colourful felt banners have been created for children to make at home. Every part of the design has been hand cut in the studio with every box packed with love and encouragement! 

Cross stitch kits have been addd to the collection too and they are very popular. Each kit is design for tiny hands and teaches a new skill. 

Karrie began to market her genius diy product Lovely Button Ups ® in the summer of 2020. She got a patent on the design immediately because she knew that it had so much potential. Sales for the product have gone incredibly well over the past year. New branding and brand packaging has been created to elevate the product to the retail market. This product is very strong and launching to wholesale will get it into shops and into homes. Lovely button Ups ® has a big future and we are excited for the journey ahead!